5 Home Improvements You Can Do for Fall

5 Home Improvements You Can Do for Fall

Fall is the perfect season for change and home maintenance. Temperatures balance, shades of maple and brown fill the streets in the form of leaves, and pumpkins start showing up! Many of you might be thinking about carving your huge pumpkins, changing closets into your winter wardrobe, and adding warmer bed sheets for your beds. These are all solid ideas! We got one more for you which is often neglected: our home.

 Gutters in Fall

Fall is a very good time of the year to do improvements for our home due to many reasons. The weather is not cold yet and the heat of summer is fading, giving you the perfect balance of temperature to work both on the exterior and interior parts of your home. Painting, for instance, can be hard in winter due to the paint drying up too slow or can bubble, crack, or even melt during summer. The harsh weather conditions are neutralized at the beginning of fall, giving us the perfect opportunity to work on our beloved home!


Types of Improvements for Our Homes

There are many ideas for improvements when it comes to our homes. To keep the list brief, we will be focusing on 5 easy to do and efficient home improvements that we can easily do by ourselves during the start of fall.

 Cleaning Backyards in Fall

Cleaning Our Backyard and Surroundings

Chances are that your siding, driveway, patio, and backyard have not been maintained in a while if you were away for your summer holiday with your family and friends. The plantation has perhaps gotten longer, dirt, fungi, and mold have surrounded your pavements.


For plants, simply cut and reshape them. Adding fresh and nutrient-rich soil for your plants is a solid way to ensure their roots are strong for winter. Just remember to water them thoroughly after adding new soil. For your heavy pavements, you can either use pressurized water to wash away the dirt and organisms alike. For more sensitive sections of your yard, make sure to use soft cleaning products that won’t damage your surroundings.

 Repairing Roof in Fall

Repairing Your Roof

Roof maintenance should be avoided during winter or summer whenever possible. During winter, the area can be slippery and the winds can create dangerous situations. Summer is another story, as it can be very hot during extended times of work on your roof. You might be used to the heat, but it still can be annoying and can create disorientation for some people.


The best time to work on your roof is during fall for these reasons alone. You can replace your broken shingles and even install additional electrical devices such as solar power on your roof. If you are not experienced with this kind of work it’s best to get the help of experienced professionals.

 Installing Gutter Protection Systems in Fall

Clearing Out Gutters or Replacing Them

Our gutters are often the most neglected parts of our homes. There’s a high chance that they are partly or totally blocked in some of the sections. If not tended, this can be problematic during heavy rainfall and hazardous weather conditions. You can approach your gutter maintenance in two ways.


Cleaning Your Gutters

Option number one is to get them cleaned either by yourself or by a professional. This has to be done on at least a yearly basis to prevent them from further clogging and create problems for your home.

 Replacing Gutters in Fall

Replacing Your Gutters

The number two and easier option is to replace them with a gutter protection system. We at Art of Gutter provide maintenance-free gutter guards that won’t have you thinking about your gutters ever again. They come in various color options so you can fit them into your home’s exterior painting and add value to your home.


One of the simplest and elegant products we offer are our standard 5” Waterlock Gutter Guards. If you are looking for a more modern and sleek alternative then we highly recommend that you have a look at 5” and 6” Micromesh Gutter Guards. They also come in flat variations. To install them, either contact a local professional or check our guide for help.

 Painting House Exterior in Fall

Painting Your Home's Exterior

One of the best ideas to consider for improving your home is to paint it! This not adds a fresh look to your home but also increases its property value.


As we mentioned above, painting is best done during fall. The temperatures will be in perfect condition for a fresh coat. Winter can be too cold and cause very the paint dry time to be very slow. On the contrary, summer can cause the paint to dry too fast and cause unwanted bubbling, warping, and cracking issues for your new paint. Fall is very optimal in comparison to these two seasons. The temperature is relatively the same during day and night, creating the ideal condition for painting your home.


You can either use a spray paint device or a traditional thick brush to paint the exterior section of your home. Spray painting can be an expensive option if you don’t have the device but it is sure faster and less messy. Traditional brushes can also be a fun option to consider if you have your children or friends with you to create fun moments! Either way will get the job done.

 Installing Windows in Fall

Repairing or Upgrading Your Windows

Repairing or upgrading your windows is yet another improvement to consider for your home during fall. This will add tremendous value to your home and cut down on heating bills during winter.


While repairing can be a little tricky it is by no means impossible. You can fix warped and misaligned sections of your window frames with your basic toolkit. If time is of the essence for you or the windows look too degraded and are far beyond repair then buying new ones will be a perfect option. You can go for double-hung, and casement windows to bring a fresh and modern look to your home.


This is the end of our blog post for "5 Home Improvements You Can Do for Fall"! If you are interested in learning more information regarding gutters, gutter cleaning, and gutter protection products you can check our other blogs such as “Interesting Animals in Our Gutters” & “How to Clean Your Gutters in 4 Easy Steps”.


We’re sure you’ll find more information in regards to gutters and home care with our future blog posts as well. Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!

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