What Is The Average Cost To Clean Your Gutters? Leaf 4 Go

What Is The Average Cost To Clean Your Gutters? Leaf 4 Go

What Is The Average Cost To Clean Your Gutters? Leaf 4 Go

All the water that falls on your home, whether it rains, snows, or hails, must go somewhere. It might leak into your roof or walls if not directed and channeled to an appropriate spot, causing structural difficulties. This is why homeowners opt to have gutters installed. Gutters are required to keep your home dry and free of water damage. They function by diverting every drop of rainfall away from your home into downspouts, directing the water to the soil beneath it. Gutter cleaning should be done at least twice a year to remove all debris in both spring and autumn. Dead branches, leaves, and dirt may quickly clog a gutter system and cause it to fail.

Keep reading this article to check out the average price to get gutters cleaned.

Average Costs Of Gutter Cleaning

Average gutter cleaning costs vary according to gutter size, home height, gutter condition, geographical location, and other factors. However, the typical price range for gutter cleaning is $120-$225, costing $160 (for 200 linear feet of gutters).

The number of floors of a residence determines the cost by length. Cleaning gutters on the property's first floor costs $0.70-$1.30 per linear foot and $1.25-$2.50 per linear foot on the second or higher storey.

A one-storey home may cost between $70-$250; a two-storey home can cost between $100-$325; and a three-storey or taller home can cost between $150-$500, all with 150-200 linear feet of gutters.

Factors Influencing Gutter Cleaning Costs

No two gutter cleaning estimates are the same; various elements influence expenses. Severely blocked gutters, for example, may necessitate additional effort, resulting in a higher total. Several other factors influence the cost of hiring an expert to clean your gutters, including the following:

Gutter Length

Because most gutter cleaners charge per linear foot, the length of your home's gutters is the key driver of your pricing estimate. Gutter cleaning costs between $0.70 and $2.50 per linear foot. The more time it takes to clean your rain gutters, the more work it will take, hence the greater the expense. Gutter cleaners will seldom charge you based on the square footage of your property. They will normally charge $0.40 per square foot for the first storey while $0.80 per square foot for a second or higher storey in this situation.

Number Of Storey

The higher your gutters are above ground, the more difficult and risky it is to clean them; therefore, you should budget extra. Tall houses need the use of specialized equipment, such as ladders, lifts, and scaffolding, which take more time to put up and dismantle. As a result, a comprehensive cleaning for a single-storey home may cost approximately $150, whereas a two- or three-storey property may cost over $350.


Is a huge tree branch towering over a portion of the gutter or a fence, making ladder installation difficult? Any impediments to workers' capacity to accomplish their duties will increase the project's cost. Rain gutter access, roofing slope, and a number of storeys are all danger considerations that builders would examine.

Similarly, the slope of your property might make working difficult. For example, if your property was constructed on a slope, the gutter experts will need to take additional time and care to stabilize the ladder and make their way down your gutter lines.

Your Cleaning Schedule

Most homeowners should clean their gutters twice a year, based on the severity of the local weather and the prevalent sorts of debris in the region.

If you have yet to clean your gutters on a regular basis, you're likely to have a lot of debris and obstructions to clear away. Cleaning up neglected gutters requires more time and work, which increases the expense.


Labor expenses account for most of the cost of cleaning your gutters, with equipment and materials also being considered. Gutter cleaning labor rates vary depending on location, season, and timing. Hiring a business to clean your gutters during a time when the service is in great demand will raise the entire cost. Similarly, everything that makes the task easier is costly.


This service is most popular in the autumn when leaves are falling and plant residue is everywhere. Labor expenses will rise as demand rises. Scheduling a gutter cleaning when the market has slowed may result in a lower fee.


Another important aspect of the average cost for gutter cleaning is location. Labor rates will be greater in places with higher living costs, such as cities or suburbs. However, you may be charged a trip fee if you reside in a rural region or outside of a gutter cleaning company's service area.

Additional Costs

Extra duties associated with gutter cleaning will increase the job's overall cost. Such as:

Downspout Installation

If you're looking to install or replace downspouts, various materials are available at varied rates. Downspout installation costs between $5 and $15 per foot of length, with a national average price of $480. Vinyl downspouts are the least expensive, whereas solid copper downspouts may cost more than $1,000 for a full installation.

Cleaning Of The Downspouts

A downspout is a pipe connected to your gutters that channels water away from your roof and house. Downspouts can become blocked with material and must be cleaned. Clogged downspout cleaning necessitates using specialist instruments, which raises the average price of gutter cleaning. You may have to pay an additional $50 to $100 on your bill for downspout cleaning.

Gutter Guards Installation

Installing gutter guards may assist with keeping dirt out of your gutters and lessen how often you need to clean them. Gutter guards work as filters, allowing water to pass through while keeping leaves, twigs, and other materials out. The cost of installing gutter guards ranges from $80 to $4,300, based on the style.

Choosing a Professional vs. Doing It Yourself

The method of cleaning gutters is rather straightforward. The goal is to remove leaves, twigs, and other material that might block the gutters, so some decent gloves, a bucket, and a gutter scoop will be useful. However, there are additional aspects to consider. Working on tall ladders, in particular, poses a risk.

This might significantly increase your DIY costs if you need ladders that will go as high as the downspouts or gutters. Extension ladders range in price from $100 to $500.

Using an expert gutter cleaning service is costly and may save you time. Professionals have knowledge and competence in working on ladders, which may be dangerous.

Some Cost-Cutting Strategies

  • If you've decided to employ an expert to maintain and clean your gutters, here are a few cost-cutting tips:
  • On official websites, look for discounts for elders, veterans, teachers, or first respondents
  • Consider yearly gutter cleaning contracts. Preparing for the expenditure now may save you money later
  • Inquire about a bulk discount and ask your neighbors whether they need the service as well
  • Consult with family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations on low-cost companies
  • Online, look for coupons or seasonal deals

l Maintain your gutters clean on a regular basis to keep them in excellent shape and to save money.


Cleaning your gutters is vital to keep them in good working order and prevent harm to your home and roof. You can do the task yourself if you have the equipment and skills, but hiring a professional may save you time, difficulty, and even harm if your gutters are difficult to reach, high off the ground, damaged, or highly blocked.

Experts recommend looking for a business that charges within national norms, considering your area, home's height, and any obstructing landscaping. Get numerous estimates and ask important questions of each supplier you're considering to ensure you're staying undercharged and are getting the service you need.


Does The Season Have An Impact On Gutter Cleaning Costs?

Professional gutter cleaning services are in high demand in spring and fall. Not only may this affect prices, but it may also cause you to have to wait longer for a service appointment. If the gutter cleaning isn't essential, you can save money by arranging it during the off-season.

Are Gutter Cleaning Costs Inclusive Of Repairs If Any Damage Is Observed?

Gutter cleaning charges usually include the cleaning service and removing debris and leaves from your gutters. Extra costs may apply if any damage or concerns are detected during the cleaning. Before arranging the cleaning, it's a good idea to inquire about the cleaning service's repair policy and additional expenses.

How Much Does Single-Storey Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Gutter cleaning services for one-storey homes are among the most affordable, often ranging from $65 to $250. A house on level ground with a well-kept gutter system is at the lower end of this price range. On the other hand, homes on slopes with deteriorating gutters or particularly lengthy gutter systems are more expensive.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning For Multi-Storey Homes Cost?

Because of the extra risk and time, gutter cleaning multi-storey homes are more expensive. These properties are often larger and more likely to have complicated roof systems, which might increase the overall number of gutters needing cleaning. Multi-storey residences are almost twice as expensive to clean as single-storey ones.

You may pay between $130 and $510 for typical two-storey homes. However, this price might rise to $650 or higher for bigger, more intricate properties, particularly if the gutter system is in degradation or is extremely difficult to reach.

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