Benefits of Different Gutter Guards

Benefits of Different Gutter Guards

It is often overlooked how effective are certain improvements for our home. A well-installed automatic garage door can save you literally hours of time, a watering system can keep your lawn and backyard vegetation lusher than ever, and a superb exterior lighting system provides excellent vision and keep unwanted visitors at bay. These are all quality-of-life improvements that ease our responsibilities, add to our daily cycle a sense of high efficiency, and provide us with a valuable time that can be spent elsewhere such as our work, family, and hobbies.




So, what about our roofs? Just as some of the other vital home improvements serve us efficiently, a well-installed gutter guard system can bring unparalleled qualities for the maintenance and integrity of our roof and home. Thus, gutter guard installation for our roofs become of paramount importance. Perhaps you are already thinking about obtaining a gutter protection system for your home but pondering upon the question; which gutter guard system is the best fit for me and my family? That’s what we are going to help you with today in our blog post.


Just like other improvements, each and every type of gutter guard is unique in its properties. They all have ups that serve us to their maximum capabilities in slightly different ways. Without further ado, here are the benefits of different gutter guards below!



Types of Gutter Guards

Flat Gutter Guards

Coming first on our list are flat gutter guards! Today, flat gutter guards are a highly popular gutter guard type sought out by many homeowners. The reason is simple, their design is slick and their potential to harm roofs is almost non-existent. Way back in the ’70s, roofs used to be thicker, more durable, and practically bulletproof. Today, the new roofs tend to be flimsier and more fragile than ever. The outer membranes of our roofs tend to be prone to punctures and installing, removing, or cleaning gutter guards without professionals sometimes may require you to detach them in unhealthy ways. However, fret not! Flat gutter guards come into play right here. Their low-sloped models require minimal trimming when installing, thus, they allow for an easy maintenance process. This will ensure that your roof is protected and long-lasting, all the while keeping your gutter system safe and efficient!



Micromesh Gutter Guards

Considered as the “high-tech” standard of gutter guards, micromesh gutter guards bring superb qualities to the table. Their inherent technology prevents even the tiniest bits of debris and material to be abstained from your gutter guard system. This is not even the end of their benefits! They prevent plant materials, dirt, pests, insects, and even pollens from entering your gutter system! So what’s the only thing that micromesh gutter guards will pass? It’s none other than mother nature’s water. With micromesh gutter guards, you have the best maintenance capabilities for your gutter system at hand. It is perhaps safe to say that in terms of perk abundance, micromesh gutter guards are one of the best gutter guard systems available in the market!



Copper Gutter Guards

Now, this variant of gutter guards is a sight for the sore eyes. Copper gutter guards are the epitome of decoration and style when it comes to design. Their gold-like appearance shines brightly upon the walls of your home, sure to draw the attention of anyone visiting your home! Copper gutter guards are one of the most expensive types of gutter guards, however, their cost is very well justified with their superior traits.


First and foremost, copper guards add value to your property. Their durability is legendary. If properly maintained, copper gutters can up to 50 years without needing additional replacement or repair. They are very durable and have excellent heat resistance. This means that they will be less affected by adverse weather conditions both in winter and summer. While extreme weather conditions can crack aluminum gutter guards in time, copper gutter guards will endure. Finally, as we explained in the beginning, their beauty is astonishing. If you have ever seen a home or venue installed with a copper gutter guard system, then you know that instant feeling of luxury and elegance permeating from one. Copper gutter guards are a personal favorite of many homeowners, as well as ours in Art of Gutter!



Heavy Duty Gutter Guards

Last but not least, we have the sturdy champions of the gutter guard types; heavy-duty gutter guards. Also known as pro gutter guards in the market, heavy-duty gutter guards tend to have a thicker structure that makes them ready to endure the most adverse weather conditions that mother nature has in her bag. Heavy-duty gutter guards generally have a 0.27” structure and come in aluminum as their main material. Although, not as durable as copper, these gutter guards come with the advantage of being cheaper than them and bring an enhanced design that allows them to be almost on par with their copper counterparts. These gutter types are the preferred option for families residing in heavy winter conditions, where durability matters the most. Thus, it would be a sound investment to check heavy gutter guards prior to installing a new system if you are living in such a location.



This is the end of our blog post for “Benefits of Different Gutter Guards”! If you are interested in learning more information regarding gutters, gutter cleaning, and gutter protection products you can check our other blogs such as Add Luxury to Your Home with Copper Gutter Guards, Home Safety Precautions for Winter, & Beautiful Gutter Guard Colors to Decorate Your Home.


We’re sure you’ll find more information in regards to gutters and home care with our future blog posts as well. Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!

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