Waterlock Micromesh Gutter Guard

Our micromesh technology is made out of the highest quality stainless steel, which will never degrade, corrode, or rust over time. With its micron steel mesh, only water will pass through our gutter protection system and everything including shingle debris, plant material, dirt, pollen, pests, insects, and many more will be kept out of your gutter system!

Leaf4go Micro Mesh Gutter Guard is the ultimate gutter protection system that any home or venue can utilize to ensure that they will never have to think about maintaining their gutters again! Our micromesh gutter guards are made to be installed easily to any new or existing gutter system.

Leaf4go Owerlap Connection System

Our overlap connection mesh system is unique that mesh overlay to connect one section of gutter guard to the next. which are installed in one continuous piece without visible seams. The mesh overlay is designed to create a secure and stable connection between the sections of the gutter guard, This system can be installed by a professional or as a DIY project. Some benefits include better water flow and durability Improved water flow The mesh overlay creates a tight and secure connection between the sections of the gutter guard, which can help to prevent leaks and improve the overall flow of water through the gutter system. Increased durability

The mesh overlay provides added strength and stability to the connection between the sections of the gutter guard, which can help to prevent sagging or pulling away from the building over time.Seamless appearance: With an overlap connection mesh system, there are no visible seams between the sections of the gutter guard, providing a more polished and professional look.The mesh allows for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, reducing the chance of gutter damage. Better performance in heavy rain: The overlap connection mesh system can handle heavy rain better than traditional gutter systems.


• Micron steel mesh technology that will only allow the passage of water while keeping out shingle debris, plant material, dirt, pollen, pests, and insects

• No silicon or glue requirement for installation

• Innovative pressing system that secures stainless steel mesh into aluminum frame safely

• Fits all types of gutter systems including 5” and 6” K styles, half round and box type gutters

• Comes in 5” sections

• Installation with 1” margin notching system that is pressed on top of each other, which allows seamless and strong transitions

• No damage to your roofs during installation

• 16 color options, including copper

Warranty & Maintenance

Waterlock Gutter Protection Systems warrants your purchased products for a lifetime. Our gutter protection systems are majorly maintenance free as their design is made to last for a very long time. However, even if you encounter any specific problem with our products, we will send out a dealer FREE OF CHARGE to fix and provide any necessary modifications to your products. For maintenance purposes, you might need to occasionally clean the top of your gutter protection systems if there is a tree close-by to your system or your vicinity encounters harsh weather conditions. This does not mean that you need to constantly maintain your gutters, as they are designed to prevent clogging, bird nesting, and icing over the course of a lifetime. The warranty is also transferable to any new owner as long as the invoices, order forms and other documentation are preserved.

Lifetime And Transferable Warranty

Our lifetime and transferable warranty for gutter guards is a guarantee that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the current homeowner owns the home. This type of warranty also covers the cost of any repairs or replacements that may be needed due to defects in the product. Additionally, a transferable warranty means that the warranty can be transferred to the next homeowner if the property is sold.

This type of warranty can provide peace of mind for homeowners, as it ensures that they will not have to pay for repairs or replacements out of pocket if something goes wrong with the gutter guard system. It also ensures that the next homeowner will have the same protection in case of any defects.

It's important to note that lifetime and transferable warranties typically have certain terms and conditions that need to be met in order for the warranty to be valid. For example, the gutter guards may need to be installed by a professional, and regular maintenance may be required to keep the warranty valid. It is important to read the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully before making a purchase and to keep all documentation in case a claim needs to be made.

About Our Z Bend Techonolgy

Our new Innovative pressing z-bend technology is a method of attaching gutter guard systems without the use of glue or silicone. This technology uses a special process to shape the gutter guard material into a z-shaped bend that locks securely into the gutter. The z bend is designed to fit snugly into the gutter without the need for additional adhesives, making it a quick and easy installation process. This technology is also known for its durability and resistance to high winds and heavy rainfall. Additionally, this technology eliminates the need for messy and difficult-to-clean-up glue or silicone, making it a more efficient and cleaner installation method.

Pressing Z bend technology, also known as mechanical locking, is a method of joining two pieces of metal without the use of glue or silicone. This technique involves using a specialized tool to bend the edges of one piece of metal into a "Z" shape, which then locks into a corresponding "Z" shape on the other piece of metal. This creates a secure, tight connection that is able to withstand high levels of stress and pressure.

One of the main advantages of using pressing Z bend technology is that it eliminates the need for messy, time-consuming adhesive products such as glue or silicone. This makes the installation process quicker and easier. Additionally, this method provides a strong and durable connection that is not affected by temperature changes or exposure to moisture.

Pressing Z bend technology is commonly used in the construction of metal structures such as bridges, buildings, and industrial equipment. It is also used in the manufacturing of various metal products such as appliances, furniture, and automotive parts.