10 Tips to Keep Your Gutters Clean in Spring

10 Tips to Keep Your Gutters Clean in Spring

With the imminent approach of the lovely Spring season, we all cherish a season of renewal, growth, harmony, and equilibrium. It is no wonder that the civilizations of old have placed Spring in high esteem, as it is the season where nature blooms once more and societies prepare festivities to celebrate the upcoming summer with new beginnings. Trees regrow their leaves shed in the harsh winter, rain clouds nourish the earth, and animals come out of their hibernation period to instill liveliness in forests and urban city districts alike. All these developments are great for us as they revitalize our energy and bring a much-required freshness into our lives. However, these upcoming events harbor ill news for a particular section of our homes, and they are none other than our gutter guard systems!

            Trees regrowing means more leaves falling off on our roofs and gutters, causing potential clogging problems, rain clouds gathering around can turn into brief albeit strong storms which spell ill omen for unmaintained gutters, and finally, animals regaining activity and mating means that new nests are likely to be formed in our gutter holes. If you are like many people and prefer to tend to your gutter system only once in a long while, then we got news for you; it is time that you maintain your gutters for the upcoming Spring! So how do we do this? With simple and efficient tips of course. We gathered 10 tips for you to utilize for keeping your gutter clean and running in Spring. In addition to them, you will be finding answers to questions like “How much does a gutter cleaning cost?”, “How often do you need gutter cleaning?”, “How to keep your gutters maintained?”, and “How to keep your gutters clean?”. Without further ado check them right below!

Gutter Cleaning System

Check the Conditions of Your Gutters Regularly

            At the start of our gutter cleaning tips list comes the most obvious, and that is examining the current situation of our gutters. Even the best gutter guard systems can require maintenance once a year. Thus, making sure that our gutters are in good condition is essential to know what we are required to do for cleaning and maintaining them. If you don’t have a good view of your gutters, we advise that you utilize your ladder and have a check from the roof if the weather conditions are suitable. Always try to get someone to assist you while using a ladder for maximum safety!

Examine the Water Flow of Your Gutter System

            Rain gutter covers may look undamaged and in good condition, however, there can still be displacements in the gutter positions below them. The main culprit for this is heavy weather conditions such as hails, heavy rain, gusts, tornados, and heavy snowfall. Extreme heat can also cause this by extending the distance between the gutters and iron holders. To get a better feeling of your water flow it is best to test it by simply pouring an adequate amount of water on your gutter system. Additionally, you can try lifting the rain gutter covers if you suspect a heavy alteration in a specific section of your gutters.

Trees Surrounding Your HomeKeep Your Gutter Clean

Know the Trees Surrounding Your Home

            When taking care of your roof, gutters, and home exterior in general, it is best to be aware of your surrounding habitat. Knowing which type of plantation and trees grow in the area would be of tremendous assistance as you can determine whether they would pile up on your roofs and garden or not. While trees such as pine can be problematic for many gutters covers that are not debris-free, heavy trees such as maple or oak near your roof can be a potential hazard during heavy weather conditions. If you are experiencing such weather conditions it is best to trim your trees on a regular basis to prevent their branches from falling off and crushing gutter covers in unwanted situations.

Obtain the Necessary Outfit, Tools, and Equipment for Your Gutters

            One of the most important tips for cleaning your gutters clean comes in the form of knowing thy equipment, outfit, and tools. Roof and gutter cleaning are a messy business, and as such it requires proper handling of items to ensure that you do not harm yourself or get very dirty in the process.

Gutter Cleaning Outfit

We highly suggest that you get goggles for eye protection. In addition, a sturdy pair of construction gloves is a definite must for protection against sharp objects, and potential animals living in gutter spaces. Having a jumpsuit also won’t hurt as you will probably want to minimize the dirt you get on yourself. Last, but not least we cannot stress the benefit of a heavy pair of boots for work safety. They prevent slipping by giving you a good grip both on the ladder and on your roof, which is exactly what we are looking for in a gutter cleaning operation.

Gutter Cleaning Equipment

Gutter Cleaning Equipment

You will need a hose for cleaning the debris easily. We suggest that you get a gutter cleaning attachment for pressurized water coming out of your hose. You can find one from your local store easily or order one online. For cleaning, you will require drop cloths or rags to be placed below your gutters so you won’t have to deal with the aftermath of cleaning in a very time-consuming manner. Last but not least, you will need a strong ladder with preferably rubber grips for extra stability.

Gutter Cleaning Tools

You will require a scoop for cleaning debris easily. In addition to that, a broomstick would immensely help for narrow points. A powered or manual screwdriver is also required for displacing the gutter covers and gutters themselves (if you are going for a very thorough cleaning session).

Get Support from a Friend or Family Member

            Rain gutter cleaning can be a tedious and dangerous job if done alone. So, it is always a good idea to get an extra pair of hands aboard in the form of a friend or family member. If you know someone with experience, it is even better.

Ensure Safety Precautions at a Maximum Level

            This is one factor that we cannot stress out enough! Always ensure safety first, always. Make sure your ladder is always stabilized before you try to climb on it. Do not attempt to clean your gutters under harsh weather conditions unless you know what you are doing, or it is an absolute necessity. As mentioned above, get an extra pair of hands for support at all times if you can!

Remove Debris & Leaves from Your Roof

            This is the section where we get into the business of cleaning our gutters if they are not in ideal conditions. Before cleaning our gutters, we must begin the process by removing debris and unwanted material from our roofs. This will both ensure that we don’t accidentally step on leaves and slip, and also prevent further blockages after our gutter cleaning session. 

Clean Gutter in Spring

Clean Your Gutter System

We have four steps to clean our gutters properly as listed below:

Stabilize Your Ladder and Climb to Your Roof

            You probably already skipped this part, but in case a reader directly switches to this section we still wanted to brief them regarding this. Make sure you always stabilize your ladder before climbing on it. If you have a flat roof, it is always a better idea to continue cleaning from your roof unless it is slippery. 

Remove the Covers of Your Gutters

            Now we can remove the covers from our gutters. To do this we need to locate and unscrew the screws or snapping mechanisms from our gutters. Gently lift the gutter covers and place them on your roof or on the ground below. Make sure to prevent heavy metal gutters from bending while being moved to a safe location. 

Remove the Debris from Your Gutter

Remove the Debris from Your Gutters

            Clean away the debris and clogging material in your gutters with your scoop and broom. Then continue by ensuring that there are no potential hazards present such as animals, pests, and harmful objects.

Replace the Gutter Covers in a Safe Manner

            Once your gutters are clean and shiny, gently lift the gutter covers back into their position. Place the screws back into their position or lock the snapping mechanisms. Make sure you didn’t forget anything around your gutters, or the roof. Then slowly make your descend through your ladder. Voila, that’s how you basically clean your gutters.

Hire a Professional If Necessary

            Gutter cleaning can be messy; thus, we suggest that you also utilize a professional gutter cleaning service from time to time. While DIY gutter cleaning is as efficient as professionals if you know what you are doing, it is still not worth the time. Gutter cleaning cost has also dropped exponentially in recent years due to gutter cleaning equipment being more expensive in many stores. 

Clean Your Gutter

Consider Installing Debris-Free Gutter Guards

            The best-maintained gutter is the gutter that doesn’t get clogged. To ensure this, we highly suggest that you consider installing a debris-free gutter guard system for your home. This way you will deal way less with gutter maintenance while adding increased value to your home as a property.

             At Art of Gutter, we strive to provide you with the best quality gutter materials for your family home or venue. Our high-tech and innovative gutter guards are durable, efficient, and reliable. Whether you are looking for a debris-proof white flat micromesh gutter guard or a luxurious and long-lasting white pro gutter guards, we have you covered. You can check out our online store for 5 inches and 6-inch gutter guards that fit into existing and new roofs for any structure. We additionally produce custom size gutter guards according to your needs. Feel free to contact us anytime through our website for more information regarding the best gutter guards in the US!

            This is the end of our blog post for “10 Tips to Keep Your Gutters Clean in Spring”! If you are interested in learning more information regarding gutters, gutter cleaning, and gutter protection products, you can check our other blogs such as “Should You DIY or Hire a Professional for Gutter Installation?”, Replacing Damaged Gutter Guards, & 5 Gutter Solutions to Fix Common Problems”.

            We’re sure you’ll find more information in regards to gutters and home care with our future blog posts as well. Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!


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